Hi! I’m Sharon and I’m a Lightworker


A light worker is a spiritual life coach. Someone who can help you navigate your life with the help of Spirit. We are all capable of receiving messages from Spirit, in all sorts of forms, and these messages give us guidance throughout our lives. I can help you literally ‘see the light’ when you are feeling overwhelmed by darkness.

We will all experience times in our lives when we find it difficult to cope. We will all struggle to see our true life path. We will all find ourselves living on a hamster wheel, repeating patterns, feeling unable to break free.

There is no written guide book to life. We all find it very easy to look at other people and see where they are going wrong … so why do we find it so difficult to navigate our own path?

I don’t have the answers to your problems. You do. But, along with your spirit guides, I may be able to help you find them.

I offer confidential, one on one, spiritual guidance sessions in my home or via a messenger platform (Skype, Facebook messenger etc.) for £15 an hour (payable in cash or via Paypal).

I will help you to recognise and read signs and to understand that your spirit guides are always trying to communicate with you. I work with tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards, runes, animal spirit guides, your own spirit guides and more! I encourage you to look for your own answers. They are everywhere!

I also do online tarot card readings.  £5 for a mini 3 card reading, and £10 for a more in-depth 7 card reading.  Payment upfront via Paypal.

If you feel drawn to me, email Sharon@The-Good-Karma-Club.org or message me directly through my Facebook page to book a session.

I look forward to crossing paths with you.
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